05-Mama Bhanja, Thane, Maharashtra, India

I bought camera so that I can click the landscapes of the trekking I was planning to do when I was there at Mumbai. Mama Bhanja is a small hill on the backyard of Thane & between Sanjay Gandhi National Park. There are 2 Islamic Dargha’s on the top of 2 hills which are called Mama (Uncle) & Bhanja (Nephew). There is a mastan darbar where there is a small hut where we had tea & biscuits everytime we climbed this mountain. The last climb to the top is a bit steep & its really a test for stamina. The wind at the top of the hill is fierce & on clear days its possible to see Powai & lakes before them. The Thane urbanscape from the top is quite heartening. There are supossed to be panthers on the forest on the other side of Mama bhanja & climbers are suggested to complete their decent before 6 pm or dark. Once we climbed this hill with my friend & his then fiance. Once we climbed during monsoon & enjoyed the drizzle, breeze.

Date: Mar 18, 2006
Venue: Mama Bhanja, Thane, Maharashtra, India
Camera: Canon Powershot S2 IS
Post Processing Software: GIMP







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