07-Ajanta Caves, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

The trip that made me to move away from auto mode in clicking photos to creative mode (as per Canon camera manual). I experimented with ISO, Ev component out of necessity than learning. Thanks to the government rules of no flash photography or tripod allowed inside the caves I frantically searched online how not to use flash/tripod to get photos & stumbled upon something called ISO. Then I started reading the S2IS manual of 200+ pages which I shamelessly printed using office resources (though printed them 2 pages per sheet & back to back). This trip was a brain child of myself & a friend who was just an acquintance that time from my office through my project lead. We booked sleeper class tickets on a over crowded train which I believe was going to West Bengal. 6 hours of journey & we got out at Aurangabad railway station. We tried our luck at the railway station lodge & fortunately got a 2 bedroom lodge above the railway station. We refreshed ourselves & headed to Ajanta by a mini bus & I was reading the camera manual for last minute tips. It was almost summer that time & that part of India was having scorching sun. It didn’t affect our sprits as travellers spent almost the whole day exploring the caves & clicking almost everything. Below are my actual “experiments with photos” beginning.

Date: Apr 01, 2006
Venue: Ajanta Caves, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India
Camera: Canon Powershot S2 IS
Post Processing Software: GIMP
















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