15-Deveghar, Maharashtra, India

Second day of my solo west coast trip. I was shooting some early morning scenes at the Murud beach while waiting for ferry to Janjira fort. I met few interesting locales & made a decision to accompany them to their home village via a long journey of another ferry, walking & one more ferry. Deveghar is the name of the village where we had our lunch at their small hut & experience plam liquor called maadi (in local marathi language). We went on a small hike on a hill near by their place & ate a fruit called Karuvanth which was very delicious but little sour. Then we have headed to the beach took a few shots. The beach was very clean & pretty long stretch of white sands. We spent quite a few hours there. That night we even slept on the beach with few blankets. Pretty crazy day for me.

Date: Apr 30, 2006
Venue: Deveghar, Maharashtra, India
Camera: Canon Powershot S2 IS
Post Processing Software: GIMP





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