19-Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra, India

Date: May 20, 2006
Venue: Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra, India
Camera: Canon S2IS
Post Processing Software: GIMP

I don’t know why I climbed hills. May be the adrenaline rush or to brag that I have climbed some big hills or to kill the time over the weekends or I really enjoyed the nature, I don’t know the reason but I climbed many hills while I was living out of Mumbai. One such memorable trek was this one to Harishchandragad via a new route climing huge boulders. This route is a stream during the monsoor season but when we climbed it was in peak summer. Ours was a big group lead by experienced trekker Arun Sawant. My friend AS was a close aid of him & that’s how I got pulled into this small selected group. We travelled by bus from Kalyan to the base camp on the previous night & slep in the local school veranda. Early morning next day we started towards the starting point of our trek via a village. Clicked few shots of kids, dried river bed & another school. The climb was one of my toughest. Eventually when we reached the top we have lost way or there was no way at all as this route was not used by anyone. So we just made our way & put our sacks for the night under the open sky. I generally don’t carry much during the treks. So had to sleep in the cold night. Even though it was summer the night was cold due to the high altitude. Not sure how I managed the night 🙂














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