51-Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Date: Jan 21, 2007
Venue: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Camera: Canon S2 IS
Post Processing Software: GIMP

Day 2 of the Mumbai festival. Witnessed 2 male dancers in Bharathanatyam & Kathak categories each. Post event there was a special performance by Australian aborigines playing their own music & teaching some of the viewers their dance movements. I can see now that I was struggling with exposure, focus & white balance settings. This probably was my first stage event equipped with tripod (mini-I guess) & experimenting away from auto settings in that semi-pro point & shoot camera I had. As usual this was my solo outing as none of my friends are interested in a classical dance event & had to travel close to an hour in Mumbai rush in 2 local trains and a bus journey. I was also smitten by this girl from the previous day performance who was in the audience. But I found her in orkut (days before facebook) & sent a personal message (especially about her eyes if I am not wrong). I was so naive then (even now to an extend I guess). Surprised at myself that I can still remember her name 😀






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