52-Duke’s Nose, Maharashtra, India

Date: Jan 28, 2007
Venue: Duke’s Nose, Maharashtra, India
Camera: Canon S2 IS
Post Processing Software: GIMP

Duke’s Nose is a small hill near Lonavla in Maharashtra. It got its name from a duke who had a big enough nose it seems. I have already featured one more post with rappelling, valley crossing adventure activities here. This time it is my adventure with rock climbing. This is my second attempt in rock climbing after a debacle of me falling from a hight of 6-7 feet on top of my fellow climbers standing down. This time with proper gear like Carabiners, Belay devices & harnesses (that’s all I can remember now) I was one of the volunteers for the club which was conducting this expedition to enthusiasts.

Me & another friend were positioned in one of the points en-route the path trodden for the climbers. We were kind of rope keepers to stop the upcoming climbers & let them pass after the previous candidate has reached the much higher point. We found quite interesting lot of folks. Someone was so tired & refused to climb any further. So it was our job to motivate them & literally push their asses above us. The rock we were standing can hardly hold 3 people that includes 2 volunteers & 1 participant. Unless this participant moves up the next participant won’t/can’t start from the bottom vantage point. There are total 7-8 vantage points like this. Check the photos to get an idea. It was such adventures which I miss these days.









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