54-Rajmachi, Maharashtra, India

Date: Feb 04, 2007
Venue: Rajmachi, Maharashtra, India
Camera: Canon S2 IS
Post Processing Software: GIMP

Rajmachi is the backup trek when we missed train to our actual destination or too bored to find a trekking spot to climb over the weekends. If we start from Lonavla it is a 19 km hike of easy climb. If you alight at Karjat station it is much shorter (actually I don’t know how far is the climb) distance but a bit difficult, steep climb. In this trek we took the Karjat route. Rajmachi was my first trek & I might have climbed it more than 4-5 times and this is the first & only time to climb it from Karjat route. Best part of this trek is the food we get at any one of the houses at the Rajmachi village. It is nothing elaborate just rotis made out of Jowar bhakri, dal & some potato sabji. It is such a divine food after a tough/long climb. Monsoon may be the best time to visit Rajmachi & the view of Funasroy falls (nothing but rain water outlet) is so majestic. That will be a post for another day & time.








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