Intro! (Blabber)

Fancy Title for a blog 😉

I started clicking photos when I was say 13 years old in 1996 (1 photo clicked using a Ricoh Point & Shoot film camera) which came out pretty ok. And of course I wasn’t bitten by photography bug from that point. My next photography adventure was a borrowed Kodak film Point & Shoot camera of 1 roll (36 films) conveniently lost during a bus journey in my 1st year of college in 2001. Post that I was just collecting interesting photos & pasting around my single hostel room (mostly girls photos from film/business related magazines) between 2002-2004. Then came a college class trip where I was clicking photos even after the roll was finished. Never knew what was the status of those photos of again borrowed Kodak camera (I guess) in 2004.

It was during a trek to Raigad in Maharashtra, India in 2005 monsoon I saw an aquintance (who became a good friend/Drona to me later) using a mini-tripod & Canon A series PowerShot camera with flip display when I was bitten hard by this photography bug. I wanted to show-off with my photography skills. The same year in 2005 my first year salary savings went into a Canon PowerShot S2 camera. I was on cloud 9 till I found out that owning a semi-pro digital camera doesn’t make me a semi-pro photographer when a project team party photo shoot went awry with low light & auto mode.

It wasn’t until a trip in 2006 to Aurangabad, Maharashtra in India to explore the Buddhist monastries of Ajantha Ellora where flash or tripod is not allowed I actually started reading my camera manual to click photos with high ISO. It was from this trip that I started using the creative controls of my semi-pro camera & immediately graduated to a better photographer among the friends circle. Lots of travel, lots of treks, lots of photo editing in my favourite Free & Open Source software GIMP & lots of sharing in Flickr & other websites, lots of comments sent/received which made me to experiment a lot. OMG that was a lot of “lots” – lol.

I confess that I did attend a 4 weekend BASIC photography course in the crowded bylanes of a busy locality in Mumbai (Bombay) which helped my photography in a small way. It was in the next year in 2007 I tried a lot of things in photography & in general. Then a life changing decision to switch job to a quaint, less crowded city in Karnataka in the hope of finding peace in 2008 made me to move out of my photography alma mater Bombay where I learned many of the skills. It was then my Canon PowerShot S2 started misbehaving with autofocus & exposures in 2009 even after an expensive repair from Canon. I took this in a very optimistic way to upgrade the gear into a semi-pro DSLR camera in the hope of becoming a semi-pro photographer (atleast this time).

Tried my best with the kit lens, then a telephoto lens followed by a prime lens, later sold the kit lens to buy a L series luxury zoom lens & another L series luxory prime lens, external flash, solid/light weight tripod, reversal ring & what not. But still not matching the kind of experiments I did using a not-so-simple sem-pro digital camera. A period of photography inactivity ensued. Lots of things changed during this period. Skills deteriorated, quality lost, motivation defeated & here I am trying to look back at what I had done & yearn for those days when I really did some “Experiments with Photos” (Yay brought the blog title successfully in the end!). That’s about it.

Word of caution: Please don’t expect any good photos or quality photography here. This is purely a nostalgia based blog for self introspection of the photos I have clicked from 2005 till date. Thanks for taking your time to read till this point & sorry for wasting your precious time.



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